Recognition Programs

The IYS "Flanner Buchanan" recognition program is designed to encourage and motivate student athletes to maintain satisfactory grades in school and to emphasize the importance of keeping a proper balance between scholastic and athletic endeavors. Flanner Buchanan recognizes students athletic performance on all levels from 6-18 year old (youth leagues through high school) with a weekly player of the week trophy. Students with a B average or higher are recognized for their academic achievement at midterm and again at the end of year sports banquet.

In 2016 IYS presented 400 trophies to 6 -18 year old student athletes for their performance in the classroom and on the football field

Exposure Programs

The Indy Youth Sport college visitation program is designed to empower students by providing social capital and cultural experiences that would fundamentally shatter their understanding that college is only accessible for certain people. It would provide a reason and an opportunity for students to re-engage with school. By exposing the students to the college tours and the collegiate athletic experience, IYS will develop hope and desire to succeed amongst participants.

Youth ages 8-18 years old visited Indiana University, Butler University and the University of Illinois in the 2015 – 16 school year with the opportunity to experience the collegiate football basketball environment. Students also had opportunities to tour the historic campuses, interact with the student body and faculty and learn about academic requirement to attend and remain in college.


Academic Tracking And Leadership Development

Indy Youth Sports emphasizes the importance of education with student athletes by enforcing a monthly academic tracking program. Youth in our 6-12 year old leagues are required to participate in the academic tracking program by sharing academic tracking sheets with coaches. In 2017, tutors will be made available for students who may need additional work. Coaches are also encouraged to call teachers and visit schools.

In 2017 via a partnership with the Center for Leadership Development (CLD), IYS via funding from Flanner Buchanan will provide 25 scholarships for student athletes to participate in the CLD program.

Indy Youth Sports Career in Sports Program:

There's no doubt that people will always take part in and watch sports. In turn, there will always be a need for referees and umpires to officiate at sporting events and make sure that play is fair. A growing population means more people playing organized sports and more demand for umpires and referees. Also, a growing school population means that school athletic programs are expanding. With over 300 youth football games and 130 youth soccer games per year, Indy Youth Sports Youth Officiating Program provides career and employment opportunities for over 40 high school juniors and seniors from the Indianapolis Public Schools and the city's Charter schools.

High school students will receive,
- Training and official certification courses via the USA Football official certification program.
- Opportunities to mentor and serve as role models for the 4- 14 year old students participating in IYS programs
- Will be compensated $15 per game with a minimum of two games per week and maximum of six games.

Friday Night Lights Programs

With the growing crime rate amongst teenagers in the city of Indianapolis, it is imperative that high school students have more positive activities to participate in. For the last two years, IYS has facilitated the Friday Night Lights program at Tabernacle Presbyterian field to give high school student athletes a safe, fun and structured environment for them to engage their peers and develop their skills. High school students participate in 7 0n 7 competition every Friday in May from 6pm - 11pm. We expose the students to guest speakers and community leaders. Over 250 high school students participate in the program weekly


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