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Indy Youth Sports Football League (IYSFL) was formed in 2010 to create a structured organization that encourages youth and families to participate in organized football, emphasizes the importance of education and teach necessary life skills to inner city youth in the city of Indianapolis. The league is collaboration between the Indianapolis Public Schools (IPS), Indy Parks, Tabernacle Recreation League (TAB), Police Athletic League (PAL), Coach Alonzo Watford Inner City Football League (CAW), and the Municipal Gardens DADS Club. IYSFL supports an affordable environment for 7-12 year old tackle and flag football, 12-14 year old (middle school) spring school based tackle football and 7 on 7 football leagues on Saturday nights in the fall.

Indy Youth Sports NFL Flag League

NFL FLAG Powered by USA Football provides opportunities for children age 5-17 to enjoy America's favorite sport. Players benefit by being physically active through non-contact, continuous action while learning the fundamentals of football, lessons in teamwork and sportsmanship.Indy Youth Sports provides opportunities for Youth in Indianapolis to participate in its school-based Flag Football Leagues in the Spring and fall.

Players receive:

  • NFL team-branded jerseys
  • NFL FLAG football belts
  • USA Football player membership
  • Player's Insurance Coverage

As an added benefit, NFL FLAG coaches receive a free USA Football coach membership that provides access to online football tools and resources. Become a NFL FLAG coach and create positive experiences for your players.

In addition to the fun of coaching, all coaches of NFL FLAG receive:

  • Free coaching tools
  • Coaching insurance eligibility
  • Coaching education
  • Team web pages
  • Equipment for their team

And more

Middle school Football:

IYS and IPS have a shared interest and see great value in cultivating a collaborative relationship that includes camps, game management, league facilitation and activities in which both organizations can share resources and reach targeted objectives. The IPS Middle School Football League is designed to teach middle school students the fundamentals of the sport of football along with importance of sportsmanship, teamwork, and following instructions. We want to give all students the opportunity to participate and grow through football. There will be one league with three divisions and four teams per division. Each school will play five games & a bowl game. The two teams with the best win-loss record will play for the City Championship on Saturday May 20th, 2017. Other teams will play in bowl games based upon their final records. Please see the attached schedule for details.

Play Rookie Tackle

Rookie Tackle Overview Rookie Tackle is a small-sided form of the game that introduces young players to tackle football. It consists of six, seven or eight players per side on a 40-yard-by-35-yard field with a clear focus on skill development and fun. As part of USA Football’s vision for long-term athlete development, it serves as a bridge between flag football and 11-player, full field tackle football. Rookie Tackle modifies rule and field dimensions. Coaches, commissioners, officials and parents are educated on its game adjustments, mechanics and skills. This is designed to advance the physical literacy of young athletes to foster active and healthy development. Similar to baseball’s progression of tee-ball to “coach pitch” to “player pitch,” it provides a developmentally appropriate approach to football. This player pathway concept is in alignment with the American Development Model (ADM). The United States Olympic Committee, in partnership with the National Governing Bodies, created the ADM framework in 2014 to help Americans realize their full athletic potential and utilize sport as a path toward an active and healthy lifestyle. Through the guidance of this framework, USA Football’s goal is to strengthen a player pathway for the sport. Athletes may potentially progress through flag football, Rookie Tackle and 11-player tackle football, building a foundation for success as they enter high school football and beyond.
Key Aspects of Rookie Tackle Game Play:

  • Six, seven or eight players on the field per team
  • 40-yard-by-35-yard playing field size, scaled for a youth athlete’s age and skill level
  • Maximizes field space by playing two games simultaneously on a regulation-sized field
  • Players learn multiple positions and skills; position-specialization is not introduced
  • Smaller teams foster more playing time and opportunities for improvement, success
  • Players on offensive and defensive lines begin every play in a two-point stance
  • Removal of special teams encourage more plays from scrimmage and skill development
  • More focused, individualized coaching attention by virtue of a smaller roster * Rookie Tackle variations will be evaluated during the 2017 pilot, including players-per-side and field size.


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