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Indy Youth Sports_FOX 59

one local non-profit teaching life lessons to hundreds of local kids using football. kyle inskeep has more on how they’re changing lives. >> in the youth sports says these life skills simple ones like conflict resolution are need now more than ever and it seemed 9:24 AMalmost daily the number of homicides and violent crime grow when our city. this football league is about much more than the wins and losses. the hope is that getting these kids on the field now will keep them off the streets later. >> i talked to them. >> player/coach conversations have turned to the ongoing violence plaguing our community. >> when somebody gets hurt and makes the other person get mad because it might be their friend. >> league organizers are using football is a tool to teach basic life skills like how to solve problems without resulting to violence. >> kids need an opportunity to learn how to get along and take criticism. how to take authority and a discreet that environment and teach them those lessons. >> lessons are easier than others to teach. recently several players asked their coaches 9:25 AMabout kneeling during the national income. >> we explain this is your country you have a right to express your opinion but then again you also have a right to respect the country were born in. >> of the many difficult conversations that have been as part of this football league better about much more than sports. >> it helps them a lot. >> this organization does not just focus on kids and also has programs for parents where they can talk and learn from each other. for more information check out our website >> playing video games may improve a child’s motor skills but also lead to some behavioral problems. studies show younger gamers have faster reaction times but the more time they spend playing video games blessed they sleep and the more hours play the less likely they are to suffer from behavioral problems. experts say finding a balance can help address the issues. >> consumer alert for a popular kid sued tyson recalling 130,000 lbs. of chicken nuggets. if you bought


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